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    Infoboss agrees strategic partnership with 3C Consultants to provide data services to the UK social housing sector

    Infoboss, specialists in automating the management and processing of data, has become a strategic partner to 3C Consultants to help deliver high-quality data management solutions to the company’s social housing […]

    Data is a journey not a destination

    We recently ran a LinkedIn poll This was an interesting one. Many had internal conflict as to whether data quality or data analytics is the thing they need to do […]

    What is a Subject Access Request (SAR)?

    A Subject Access Request (SAR) is the right of an individual to request any ‘personal data’ that your organisation holds for them. This right is a principle of the General […]

    How to increase trust in your data and maximise its value

    “Trusted Data”, regardless of the level of trust, is data you can rely on to process information from. Its information used to gain knowledge, make decisions and act upon. Bloomberg […]

    Data quality dimensions: Validity

    In this latest post, we look at one of the DAMA six dimensions of data quality – validity. Definition: Data are valid if it conforms to the syntax (format, type, […]

    The business benefits of illuminating “dark data”

    Across the data estates of almost every organisation there are ever-expanding stores of unstructured and un-analysed data, sometimes referred to as “dark data”. This data can take many forms: text […]

    Happy birthday GDPR! Are DPOs celebrating?

    Soon the GDPR will be three years old. There is no doubt that it has had a profound effect on attitudes toward the protection of our data, but I dare […]

    Smarten your GDPR compliance efforts with automated data monitoring

    The GDPR has moved data and its management up the to-do list of every organisation. It’s not just the threat of fines and the reputational impact of a data breach, […]

    Data policy and procedure assurance

    Are you assured that your organisation is managing its data properly? Managing it in accordance with your own data protection policies and procedures? Complying with the GDPR and other data […]

    Could you benefit from text analytics?

    Many organisations have large collections of documents stored in shared drives either in the cloud or on premise. These documents are often referred to as unstructured data or sometimes the […]

    Do you have a dirty data tap?

    If you imagine data is water, pouring into your organisation. Most of it comes from good clean sources, but some of it is dirty, poor quality, potentially toxic and almost […]

    Have you turned your data asset into a data liability through hoarding?

    Data is recognised by leading organisations to be an asset. But this doesn’t mean you should hoard it. The reality is that people do hoard their data and it ceases […]

    An OCR story

    A case study in converting scanned documents into text to generate insights and improve document management processes… We’re working on a client project presently where there is a requirement to […]

    Transform your DSAR information search process

    Struggling to service GDPR Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs) in a timely and efficient manner? Concerned that you might not be finding all of the information you should to service […]

    Business data infographic

    An infographic highlighting some key considerations affecting organisations of all sizes regarding data. Download the full infographic and please share.

    Small and perfectly formed

    I think that as a phrase, this is quite cute. It has its place in the English vocab and can be used as a comeback such as “size isn’t everything” […]

    Analysis outside the box

    The great explorers such as Marco Polo, Vasco da Gama, Alexander the Great, Christopher Columbus and Dora the Explorer all stretched the boundaries and went beyond the norm. These people […]

    Data quality dimensions: Timeliness

    In this latest post, we look at one of the DAMA six dimensions of data quality – timeliness Definition: The degree to which data represent reality from the required point […]

    The cost and consequences of data munging

    Considering the cost and scarcity of a data scientist (or analyst) and given that almost 80% of the activities undertaken by data scientists is “munging data” (collecting, preparing and cleaning), […]

    Automated data processing and management

    Data quality infographic

    Download, view and share the full infographic Data quality management is the top priority of 52% of businesses according to recent research by KDR recruitment. Infoboss provides a software and […]

    Data heaven or hell?

    Is your organisation in data heaven or data hell? In this post we’ll explore what characterises data heaven and data hell. If you think you’re organisation is getting too hot […]

    The business case for automating data management

    By Mark Hobart, Infoboss From the “Journal of ICT Standardisation” by River Publishers Below is an extract from the paper… Imagine an automated data management system that will support you […]

    Whitepaper: Automating data management in the Information Age

    We are living in the Information Age. The idea is that access to and the control of information is the defining characteristic of this current era in human civilisation. The [...]

    Pay as you go pricing

    Pay as you go pricing in the world of software is usually associated with cloud based Software as a Service solutions. However, when you’re dealing with data management and processing, […]

    Having fun classifying data

    Classifying data can be a time consuming and laborious task. But with infoboss, it's childs play...

    Building a portfolio of data services in partnership with Infoboss

    Background Since the 3C team first formed over 10 years ago, they have worked with more than 150 social housing organisations to advise and support them on their digital transformation […]

    Don’t you want good data

    (To the tune of “Don’t you want me baby” by the Human League) You were working as a Data Quality Manager When infoboss met you We put your data quality […]

    Data-driven or jelly based decision culture?

    In this post we explore these questions… Do you make decisions armed with quality data? Or do you rely on your “jellies” to inform the actions you decide to take? […]

    Self-service OLAP powered by Search

    by Richard Lewis Before I start, I’d like to make it absolutely clear that I think OLAP was a great technology and innovation, and when I first got introduced to […]

    Are you in the Legal IT sunset club?

    After Thomson Reuters announced the sunsetting of firstly Envision and then Elite, a significant proportion of the top 200 law firms in the UK were faced with the unenviable task […]

    Data quality dimensions: Consistency

    In this latest post, we look at one of the DAMA six dimensions of data quality – consistency. Definition: The absence of difference, when comparing two or more representations of […]

    The first GDPR fine has landed – are you next?

    Ask yourself this, is your business managing its data in line with its own data management policies and procedures? Of course it is… Right? There is every chance that in […]

    1-10-100 the spiralling costs of poor quality data

    Organisations tend to over-estimate the quality of their data and under-estimate the costs. Business processes, customer expectations, source systems and compliance rules are constantly changing. Your data quality management systems […]

    Effective cloud migration

    Almost all organisations are either on or planning a journey to migrate on-premise document stores to the commercially compelling cloud alternatives. The preferred and most successful approach has been to […]

    Hiding in the data woods

    Do you know what’s lurking in your unstructured data woods? It’s unlikely to be a nice friendly Christmas Elf like this! Over retained data, files that contain data that you […]

    A golden opportunity that businesses continue to ignore at their peril!

    Every business is either sitting on a gold mine of untapped knowledge and insight or a ticking time bomb, primed and ready to destroy their business strategy and reputation. The […]

    What is data democratisation?

    and why it’s so important… Data democratisation is the ability for information in a digital format to be accessible to the average or indeed any member of staff/end user. The […]

    Who you gonna call?

    To the tune of Ray Parker Jnr, song “Ghostbusters”… Infoboss! If there’s dirty data In your database Who you gonna call? Infoboss! If there’s something weird And it don’t look […]


    20 years ago, I was fortunate enough to bump into Bill Gates at the Microsoft Global Summit in San Francisco. The reason I was there was that in the prior […]

    Mitigating risks and deriving value from social housing data assets

    infoboss partner 3C Consultants have produced a  video show-casing how Social Housing Providers can safeguard against a regulatory downgrade*, ensure health and safety compliance, improve the customer experience, increase efficiency, […]

    David and Goliath

    So what happens when a new innovative product like infoboss (David in our story) starts to get some traction in the market? Does it get supported, backed and propelled into […]

    Unstructured data infographic

    Download, view and share the full infographic Unstructured ‘dark’ data (text files, emails, log file data, photos and more) accounts for almost 80% of the data estate of the modern […]

    Data: Getting to know the unknown…

    Unstructured data, typically in the form of PDF, word, text, images, log files, spreadsheets and more is the most difficult to manage and control. In this short video we explain […]

    GDPR fines infographic

    Download the full infographic, please share widely.

    Unstructured data is a risk – are your controls fit for purpose?

    The short and dare I say, most truthful answer is probably, no! The long answer probably includes soothing(?) words like, “we have a data protection and retention policy, we’re fine”. […]

    Best practice guide to DQM

    The opportunity to embed a long-term strategic approach to data quality management is open to all business leaders. This best practice guide and brochure will help you get started. Download […]

    Clean your data. Protect your business. Save livelihoods.

    Some figures suggest that businesses lose as much as 20% of their revenue due to poor data quality. What if your business was losing just half of that? I.e. 10%? […]

    Data discovery with word clouds

    Sometimes its hard to convey a message when there are so many concepts to explain. Word clouds are a good way of conveying a complex message. For example, the word […]

    Food for thought

    In this article I am going to share some insight from work we’ve been doing at infoboss that could potentially save your organisation a lot of money… The picture for […]

    How to improve the quality of your data – forever!

    Classifying documents (I didn’t realise you could do that!)

    One of the challenges many organisations’ currently face is classifying documents in their shared drives or cloud storage. They usually need to classify them to determine what they should do […]

    Westward Housing’s data journey – webinar

    Video recording of a webinar conducted in partnership with our social housing sector partner 3C Consultants Limited. Westward CEO Barbara Shaw and Transformation Director, Mick Capern discuss their e-volve digital [...]

    The ‘dark data’ conundrum

    Originally published in Computer Fraud & Security (Science Direct, Elsevier) [July 2020] Unstructured “Dark” data is both an opportunity and a threat to every business. How your organisation manages this […]

    Infoboss strengthens leadership team with the appointment of Lee Duffield as Sales Director

    Infoboss strengthens its leadership team with the appointment of Lee Duffield as Sales Director, bringing extensive experience of sales leadership and business development in data management and business intelligence technologies. […]

    Temporary files, the single use plastic of DATA

    Here’s a corporate tale that I’m sure you’ll recognise… It’s not true of course (or is it?), but it is based on real true life events. CEO calls the head […]

    Right of access – Research findings…

    The General Data Protection Regulation came into force May 25th, 2018 and arguably one of the most challenging elements of this regulation is that of a data subject’s “right of [...]

    Data quality dimensions: Completeness

    In this latest post, we look at one of the DAMA six dimensions of data quality – completeness. Definition: The proportion of stored data against the potential of “100% complete” […]

    We cleanse our data every 12-months – LOL!

    I’m sure you know why the boy is laughing so hard. If not, you might want to read on… “Customer  data  typically  degenerates  at  2  per  cent  per  month  or  […]

    Data risks: Data retention policies

    Co-authored with Gary Clark, 3C Consulting. In this article, we’re going to look at the data risk to your organisation arising from data retention policies. In particular, how ineffective (in […]

    Data quality dimensions: Uniqueness

    In this latest post, we look at one of the DAMA six dimensions of data quality – uniqueness. Definition: No thing will be recorded more than once based upon how […]

    Webinar: Automating data management for quality and compliance – the business case

    IDC forecast a ten-fold increase on business data processed compared to today. Combine this with increasing regulatory compliance and demand for quality data, then it is perhaps not a surprise [...]

    4 steps to successful data migration

    Anyone who has ever been involved in a data migration will tell you how important it is to have data that is fit for purpose ahead of starting the process. […]

    Flagship Digital bring innovative data solution to the marine sector

    Flagship Digital have partnered with Infoboss an innovative and disruptive UK based software and services company. The partnership seeks to empower marine organisations to derive key insights and value from […]

    Are you playing data whac-a-mole?

    I like to highlight the similarity of familiar everyday things to enterprise data quality and compliance management. Today I’ve been thinking about the game of whac-a-mole! Whac-a-mole (Mogura Taiji) was […]

    Data quality dimensions: Accuracy

    There was an interesting article published recently by data quality consultants DPA on the need to assess data quality from an organisational perspective. Namely, when assessing data quality, to consider […]

    Integration and technology – our answer is yes!

    Infoboss empowers your organisation to automate the management and processing of its data. Whether you’re trying to improve data quality, data protection, compliance processes (like DSARs, retention, discovery), Contract management, […]

    Slay the elephant in the room – unstructured data!

    Analysts at Gartner estimate that upward of 80% of enterprise data today is unstructured. A Data Genomics Project report calculates the rate of growth for unstructured data in modern IT […]

    Is your cloud data migration strategy the right one for you?

    We ran a poll recently on LinkedIn that posed the following question with three options as answers… Migrating data to the cloud? What approach would you recommend? This generated the […]

    Santa: Automated data management and processing case study

    Have you ever taken time to reflect on just how good Santa and his team of elves are at data management and processing? He must surely be the benchmark we […]

    Imagine all your data

    We’re often asked what good looks like in the domain of data. Well here’s a light hearted look at it.  To the tune of Imagine by John Lennon… Imagine all […]

    Using text analytics for customer insight

    Understanding customer experience (CX) is vital to organisations.Yet so much insight available to an organisation in the form of text that is not analysed, but could provide a whole new […]