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    Business process automation (BPA) can optimise your business workflow and processes, making them more efficient, and help to improve service delivery and outcomes for your customers. BPA manages information, data and processes, with the ultimate goal of reducing costs, resources and investment. It increases productivity by automating key business processes through use of technology.

    Automated email and mail processing example

    The use-case is probably best illustrated by example. Consider a business receiving thousands of correspondence from suppliers and customers through email and the post each day.

    Most are everyday business as usual communications but the occasional one could be of significant benefit to the business if acted on immediately.

    Imagine if upon arrival it could be automatically processed and checked against your business rules and if it is the golden ticket, immediately alert a member of staff that can take the appropriate action.

    There are many use-cases such as customer service, fraud detection, data quality, compliance exception monitoring and many more.

    How Infoboss helps

    Infoboss enables you to streamline your business processes through the use of automated data collection, classification, derivation, enrichment, monitoring and alerting. As data is automatically collected and classified, your business rules are applied to the data to enrich it for subsequent processing. ​

    You can use the monitoring and alerting features to notify stakeholders of an event (or issue) requiring attention. For example, a repeat of language used in a previous fraud incident appearing in a customer letter or the receipt of a complaint into a customer service email inbox.

    The unstructured data mining features can also be leveraged to enhance a data stream, perhaps identifying customer reference numbers then automatically feeding a workflow system with enriched data.

    In summary, if you have a process that involves inspecting digital data to inform the next step, then Infoboss will almost certainly be able to automate the task for you and in so doing empower your staff to engage in less mundane activities that improve the performance of the business.

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