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    Digital mail room

    Transform and streamline your your in-bound communications workflows by automatically classifying and enriching email and scanned paper post as it enters the organisation.  Saving you time and resource in this traditionally labour-intensive activity..

    How infoboss helps

    Infoboss collects data from email accounts and scanned file data sources and if required conducts an OCR process on the document to determine the textual content of the file.

    The software engine utilises regular expressions, machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to classify the documents using rules that you define and maintain.

    To complete the process cycle, the software can be configured to integrate with workflow or case management systems to suit your specific implementation requirements and deliver a completely automated and streamlined mail handling process.

    “We reduced the time to classify and route a day’s post from 8 hours to 15 minutes!”

    Ready to start?

    Getting started couldn’t be simpler we can arrange a demonstration, an audit or a proof-of-concept to suit your requirements.


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