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    Data audit and assurance

    Are you assured that your organisation is managing its data properly? Managing it in accordance with your own data protection policies and procedures? Complying with the GDPR and other data regulations?

    If you are uncertain on how your organisation is managing, protecting, controlling and utilising the data it collects, then using ibAUDIT, we can inspect your data to determine how effective your policies and procedures are in practice across a number of areas.

    We can assess:

    • If your data retention policy is working?
    • How effective and efficient your data subject access or freedom of information request process is?
    • Where you are storing personal and sensitive data?
    • If you are effectively servicing the rights of the data subject? E.g. the right to be forgotten, to rectification or to object to automated processing.
    • If you are managing your unstructured data? Removing redundant, obsolete and trivial (ROT) data across shared drives, email and cloud storage or is it growing out of control?
    • If you are storing or processing information that you shouldn’t be? E.g. credit card numbers, bank accounts, child data and more.

    Following our assessment, we will provide you with a report detailing our findings and recommendations. We assess your data, your policies, your procedures and how effective they are in practice.

    Ready to start?

    Getting started couldn’t be simpler we can arrange a demonstration, an audit or a proof-of-concept to suit your requirements.


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