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    Almost all organisations are either on, or planning a journey to, migrate on-premise document stores to the commercially compelling cloud alternatives. The preferred and most successful approach has been to classify, clean and purge before migrating and this is where infoboss can help…

    Simple to deploy and easy to use, our software enables you to explore your data to:

    • Locate and classify personal and sensitive data such as payment cards, post codes, bank accounts, sort codes, passport numbers, national insurance numbers, employee and customer details and more…
    • Identify duplicate, redundant, obsolete and trivial (ROT) files to minimise your data ahead of the migration potentially saving up to 40% of storage costs!
    • Automatically tag, label and classify your data so you can manage it effectively in the cloud
    • Identify data falling outside of its retention period as defined in your policies

    Our rental licence option enables you to use the software just for the duration of your project or beyond to suit you. Once you have migrated your data you can optionally leave infoboss in-situ to automatically monitor and manage your data into the future.

    - Save up to 40% of your storage costs

    - Reduce your data protection risk exposure

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