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    Finding, reading and analysing documents such as contracts, correspondence, invoices, purchase orders can be a time consuming, labour intensive and inherently inefficient process.
    Infoboss provides the means to take control of your documents. By curating views of your documents and their meta data, we help to bring your documents to life.
    We streamline your document processing and management, reducing compliance risks and provide opportunities to derive new insights from your documents and their content at speed.

    Document discovery challenges...

    It takes an average reader approximately 3 minutes to read a page of text. When you are trying to find a number of documents related to a topic across potentially thousands or millions of documents it can be almost impossible to achieve.

    Finding documents for a particular supplier or customer can be extremely difficult, especially when they may be stored in a number of places within the organisation – even in emaills as attachments! Having found the documents you’re interested in, you may still be faced with having to analyse specific sections of the documents for particular clause variations or those related to a particular supplier.

    Modern technology can play a significant part in minimising the time and effort to undertake contract review exercises for legal, procurement and contract management work. Reducing the costs and risks inherent with manual processing.

    How Infoboss helps…

    Infoboss empowers you to:

    • Collate documents from shared drives, cloud document stores, document management systems and emails (and attachments) into a single searchable data store
    • Automatically identify and classify files such as contracts, letters, invoices, purchase orders and more
    • Automate the extraction and association of meta data from related systems such as client, supplier and other database sources
    • Dynamically generate topic lists for simple document navigation and review. E.g. standard contract headings, CV sections and invoice headers.
    • Tag documents with critical processing information e.g. all contracts with non-standard term definitions, contracts we can and can’t novate etc…
    • Find and compare non-standard clauses
    • Identify purchase order numbers in invoices etc…
    • Automatically detect personal and sensitive information such as payment cards, NI numbers,

    Infoboss can be setup in hours and adding value to your document processing operations. Reducing risk, increasing efficiency, helping you manage your: regulatory compliance obligations; suppliers; customers; contracts and other important documents.

    For further information, discussion of your requirements or a demonstration of Infoboss, then please get in touch.

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