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    Self-service BI

    Self-service business intelligence (BI) is an approach to data analytics that enables business users to access and explore data sets even if they don’t have a background in BI or related functions like data mining and statistical analysis. Self-service BI tools allow users to filter, sort, analyse and visualise data without involving an organisation’s BI or IT teams.

    Organisations implement self-service BI capabilities to make it easier for employees from executives to frontline workers to get useful business insights from the data collected in BI systems. The primary goal is to drive more informed decision-making that results in positive business outcomes, such as increased efficiency, better customer satisfaction and higher revenue and profits.

    Traditional vs. self-service BI

    With traditional BI tools and processes, the BI team or IT does the data analysis work for business users. In this approach, users request new analytical queries, which a BI analyst or other BI professional writes and runs for them. Similarly, users ask for new reports and BI dashboards, typically through a requirements-gathering process initiated by BI employees.

    Conversely, a self-service BI environment enables business analysts, executives and other users to run queries themselves and create their own data visualisations, dashboards and reports. Because some of those users may not be tech-savvy, it’s imperative that the user interface (UI) in self-service analytics software be intuitive and easy to use. But self-service BI systems should meet the needs of both casual users, who may only want to view data, and power users with more technical skills.

    How Infoboss helps

    Infoboss enables you to streamline your business intelligence processes by empowering all data stakeholders to derive insights from your data assets.

    Using infoboss’ simple search based user-interface colleagues can find, filter and analyse data of interest and generate useful visualisations in seconds. Results can be saved and shared with other users or exported for further action.

    For more sophisticated colleagues,  infoboss’ ODATA interface enables analysis of pre-aggregated results using tools like Power BI, Qlik, Tableau, Excel and more.

    In summary, if you want to minimise the workload of your BI and IT teams, improve business performance and gain a competitive advantage by empowering staff to self-serve insights from data, then infoboss is here to help.

    For further information, discussion of your requirements or a demonstration of Infoboss’ self-service BI functionality, then please get in touch.

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