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    Transform your DSAR information search process

    Struggling to service GDPR Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs) in a timely and efficient manner? Concerned that you might not be finding all of the information you should to service them correctly? Worried there may be a sudden increase in requests and not being able to cope?

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    Simple to deploy and easy to use, our software enables you to:

    • Search and locate information from anywhere within your organisation’s digital data estate;
    • Easily identify and collect the required data for the DSAR; and
    • Export the results and any document attachments for subsequent review, redaction, and distribution.

    The software is designed with the specific purpose of empowering your DSAR servicing personnel with the tools needed to quickly search for, find and locate the information held on a data subject across all your organisation’s digital data sources: databases, shared drives, cloud drives and even emails. Once data has been collated it can be easily exported (to a zip file) for subsequent processing such as review, redaction and distribution to the client.

    It is perhaps not a surprise to learn that the most challenging aspect of complying with a DSAR is finding and collating information. However, you may be surprised to discover that the average length of time taken to service one is a staggering 12.9 days!

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    Getting started couldn’t be simpler we can arrange a demonstration, an audit or a proof-of-concept to suit your requirements.


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