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    20 years ago, I was fortunate enough to bump into Bill Gates at the Microsoft Global Summit in San Francisco. The reason I was there was that in the prior year the business I was working for at the time (Policy Master now SSP) had created the first ever online B2C internet insurance quotation site in conjunction with General Accident and What Car magazine.

    Three years prior to that I was told that “the insurance industry would never use the internet”.

    The day after meeting Bill, we landed a contract with Egg – pioneers in B2C financial services provision on the Internet. Shortly after we won more contracts with what was then referred to as “dot com” brands, everyone it seemed wanted to provide online insurance services. Disrupting conventional wisdom, the business had become a pioneer of “insurance” on the internet and went through a period of massive growth and success.

    Moral of the story… #Innovation is all about ideas, hard work and perseverance. It’s also about getting a little bit of luck. For me, if I hadn’t had the idea and stuck with it, I may never have had the opportunity to meet one of my life long inspirations and one of the most innovative entrepreneurs and philanthropists the world has ever seen.

    Innovation is not a point in time activity. So today, I’m off innovating again. The Economist described data as “the world’s most precious resource”. Helping businesses to solve data governance, protection and management challenges is in my view one of the greatest challenges and opportunities of the information age and one I’m seeking to help address.

    If you’d like to discover more about how our innovative #infoboss data governance and management platform can support your data projects, then please get in touch.