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Interested in partnering with Infoboss?

Infoboss offer a range of partnering opportunities from a simple introductions based (royalty reward) relationship through to becoming a value added reseller (VAR).

A VAR will typically invest in developing their own team to become experts in the Infoboss platform with clients contracting direct with them.

For VARs there are both recurring licence and support revenues and opportunities for consultancy and services implementing the technology.

If you’re interested in becoming an Infoboss partner, then please get in touch.

Our Partners
“3C’s dealings with Infoboss have been excellent. The Infoboss team have been responsive, supportive and collaborative in their approach. There is a spirit of true partnership and I am extremely optimistic as to what we will achieve together.”

Colin Sales, CEO – 3C Consultants

Synectics Solutions

For over 25 years Synectics Solutions has worked with multiple national and international organisations to become a recognised leader in the provision of complex, data driven, software solutions that help their clients truly harness the power of their data.

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3C Consultants

A leading supplier of IT and data related services to the UK social housing sector.

Accessing and managing reliable data is becoming increasingly critical to the prosperity of a business. High-quality, well-managed data provides vital intelligence to work efficiently, whilst empowering you to make the right strategic decisions.

3C Consultants has the skills and experience to support your data journey.

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Total Intelligence

Total Intelligence is focused on helping businesses unlock their data, empower staff and stakeholders and create an information rich environment. It doesn’t matter what sector a business is in, Public or Private, the information needs are the same as are the challenges accessing the data.

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iComply as data compliance and cloud computing experts, have developed and curated a range of solutions to simplify compliance. They provide solutions, platform advice, tools, content and services that will help you quickly operationalise compliance lifecycle management, saving you time, money and hassle.

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Flagship Digital

Our mission is to increase the availability of leading technology to marine-based businesses.

We aim to understand the challenges you face. Then explore high-performance software solutions to attain your business goals.

We simply address a disconnect between marine-based companies and technology. We understand the value of technology and simply see how it could work for our clients. Past that point, we’re just a catalyst to make it happen.

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