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    Right of access compliance

    Struggling to service GDPR data Subject Access Requests (SARs) in a timely and efficient manner? Concerned that you might not be finding all of the information you should to service them correctly? Worried there may be a sudden increase in requests and not being able to cope?

    If you are, then utilising SARboss to streamline your SAR process may be the answer. We can catalogue your enterprise data from any source into one searchable repository, empowering your processing staff with the tools needed to efficiently find, collate and distribute the information needed to service a SAR.

    Finding all information about a data subject is often an inefficient and costly process…

    One of the most challenging aspects of servicing a SAR is finding all the information you have on an individual in your systems, then collating and exporting that information to complete the service. To find all related information, you may need to consider looking across your entire enterprise data estate: email systems, shared drives, cloud drives, social media, database systems and more.

    Finding and retrieving information without the tools to do so, can make the task: difficult, time consuming, impractical, highly inefficient if not impossible!

    It is perhaps not a surprise to learn that the most challenging aspect of servicing a SAR is finding and collating information, but you might be surprised to discover that the average length of time to service a SAR is a staggering 12.9 days!

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    How can SARboss help?

    The software is designed with the specific purpose of empowering your SAR servicing personnel with the tools needed to quickly search and locate the information held on a data subject across all of your enterprise digital data sources.

    Once data has been collated it can be easily exported (to a zip file) for subsequent redaction and further processing before returning to the client.

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