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    Enterprise search has many benefits for the modern organisation. Today, we take for granted the ability to use search engines on the Internet to find information to inform decisions and make our lives easier. So why do so few organisations have a similar capability across their own data?

    There is increasing pressure for search capability within the enterprise as a consequence of the GDPR and Freedom of information acts. Organisations are compelled to service a request for information in a timely manner, from whatever sources of data that your organisation has. The consequences of failure to service such requests can no longer be ignored from both a financial and reputational damage perspective.

    But it’s not just your compliance team that will benefit from enterprise search…

    Imagine if staff could lookup information for themselves. For example to:

    • Find the proposal that had that really great description of our product’s features and benefits;
    • Find customer contracts that contain a clause variation; or
    • Find the answer that one of our product experts gave to a similar question in customer services.

    The use and benefits to the business are manifold and always result in a more efficient organisation that’s fulfilling customer expectations better than your competition. And if that’s not justification enough, consider the reaction of millennials as they join your workforce (if they haven’t already) when they discover that you don’t have search in your organisation!

    How Infoboss helps

    Infoboss collects data from any electronic data source and stores it in an indexed (searchable format) in an Enterprise Data Store based on Elastic technology (the same tech used by the likes of NASA, Netflix, Uber and Amazon.

    Users can simply type in the text they’re looking for or browse the data store to find the information they seek.

    “I love the speed and simplicity  by which I can find the information that I’m looking for with Infoboss.”

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