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    Unstructured data mining

    Unstructured data accounts for anywhere between 50-80% of the data within an enterprise. According to IDC it’s set to grow ten-fold over the next few years and 37% of it has value if analysed. Indeed, it is viewed by many as a gold mine of untapped insight and value or by others as a ticking time bomb ready to destroy the business strategy and reputation.

    “Literally within minutes we had derived reference data, tagged and classified the documents in our shared drive and produced a tabulated view that we were then able to analyse and report on.”

    Documents, spreadsheets, presentations, emails, images, collaboration tools, voice and video recordings, social media and even comment fields in applications, unstructured data is quite literally scattered everywhere across your organisation’s data estate.

    Unstructured data is information that either does not have a predefined data model or is not organised in a predefined manner. Unstructured information is typically text heavy but may contain identifiable data such as dates, numbers, references and other recognisable patterns.

    Unstructured data mining is the practice of processing unstructured data to produce more refined data sets out of it. Putting structure (or a schema) to it, enhancing it and in turn enabling it to be analysed to determine its relevance and value to the organisation. As one pundit calls it “illuminating your dark data”!

    How Infoboss helps

    Infoboss collects data from any electronic data source and stores it in an indexed (searchable format) in an Enterprise Data Store based on Elastic technology.

    As the data is ingested, Infoboss uses a variety of search-based rules, regular expressions and algorithms to automate the classification of your data. It can derive data from unstructured sources and enhance the understanding of this data by adding classification and descriptive (meta data) to the attributes of the record. Then, using an intuitive search-based interface, the software empowers staff to run the rule over data under their control and begin to mine and understand it to yield the much-valued golden nuggets of insight held therein.

    The software enables visualisation, search, discovery and filtering of the resulting data set. Alternatively, use your favourite data visualisation tools or simply download the results as a CSV file for analysis in a spreadsheet program.

    Ready to start?

    Getting started couldn’t be simpler we can arrange a demonstration, an audit or a proof-of-concept to suit your requirements.


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