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    Why choose us?

    Infoboss is a UK based, software and services company with an enterprise strength automated data management and processing platform. Built on Elastic Stack search-engine technology – Infoboss is fast, scalable, intuitive, easy to use and provides a broad range of innovative data solutions to solve an ever growing number of business data challenges.

    Pricing and getting started…

    Our solutions are delivered using ‘as a service’ pricing ensuring value and affordability from the outset. Even better we offer a FREE trial to get you started on any of our products or solutions.

    Business data context

    Our people, partners and consulting services

    Our people and partners have extensive experience in solving business data challenges across a varied number of business sectors from legal, insurance, financial services, retail, manufacturing, public sector, not for profit, housing, education and more.

    Using our own people, partners and network of associates we can provide independent consultancy to assist with your business data challenges, helping you to deliver on your business strategic goals.

    We provide consulting and training in:

    • Data Governance
    • Data Management
    • Data Quality Management
    • Compliance and data protection
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Business Intelligence
    • Data strategy
    • And more…

    Please use our  get in touch form, email or call 0333 772 1963, we’d love to discuss your data challenge and understand how we might be able to help.

    What our customers say...

    A tool to automate GDPR processes, improve data quality and understand the value of my unstructured data. Very innovative stuff and well worth a look.

    Head of ICT

    I like the simplicity and transparency of the solution.

    Data Management Consultant

    We're using Infoboss to automatically monitor our new customer setup process, ensuring the information we need is all present and correct at collection.

    Digital Transformation Director

    We used the results of the data audit to inform our data minimisation activities ahead of a significant data migration project.

    Information Compliance Manager

    Infoboss has enabled us to systematically classify and discover personal and sensitive data across our entire data estate and crucially who has access to it.

    Information Compliance Manager