Maximising the value of data assets

Do you consider your data to be an asset? Whether in the cloud or on-premise, our innovative search-based data management and processing platform, monthly pricing and partner network empower you to take control of your data assets and maximise their value.

Data solutions

Data quality

Easily identify data quality issues, analyse root cause and automatically monitor for exceptions delivering sustainable, cost effective data quality management.

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Data compliance

Adhere to regulations and automate the classification and monitoring of structured and unstructured data assets.

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Search and discovery

Unleash the value of your data with search and discovery. Structured, unstructured or even data spread across systems, no problem! Curate it and deliver new insights and value.

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Data Wiki

Collect, augment and manage the metadata for your data assets in one searchable, browsable location. Catalog and understand your data for a variety of use-cases.

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Custom data solution

Our technology can be used for data pipelining for process automation, artificial intelligence, business intelligence and more. If you have a specific data processing requirement then we may be able to help…

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Cloud migration

Save time and money by only migrating what you need to. Understand what you have in your structured and unstructured data assets and mitigate risks.

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Interested in partnering with us?

We’re looking to partner with organisations that either provide or are looking to provide a portfolio of data services to their clients. If this is you, then we have the technology to support you and add value to your service proposition.

If you’re interested in a further discussion then please get in touch or discover more on our partnering page.

“Our dealings with infoboss have been nothing short of excellent! The team are responsive, supportive and collaborative in their approach. There is a spirit of true partnership and I am extremely optimistic as to what we will achieve together.”

Colin Sales, Chairman

Let’s maximise the value of your data assets