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    Automating the management and processing of data

    Platform summary

    • Automate the collection, derivation and classification of data from any digital source
    • Automate analysis using regular expressions, machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques
    • Establish data ownership and accountability
    • Easily discover data using our highly visual and interactive search-based point and click interface
    • Monitor data for quality and compliance purposes and alert when anomalies are found
    • Deploy on-premise or in a private or public cloud infrastructure or any combination
    • Highly scalable architecture with the ability to process literally billions of records and documents
    • ‘As a service’ pricing

    Our solutions

    Unstructured data mining

    80% of data within the enterprise is unstructured and growing. Many see opportunities with this type of data to enhance products, services and improve business performance. The first step in understanding relevance and value is to add structure to it. Infoboss can do this for you and integrate with your favourite data visualisation tools such as Power BI, Tableau, Qlik and Excel.

    Data quality management

    With so many contemporary business drivers being underpinned by a deep reliance on data quality business leaders are looking to embed DQM within the DNA of the business operating model. Infoboss can automate the DQM process for you.

    Search and discovery

    Searching your own data estate to find information needed in the moment can improve the efficiency of any business. Infoboss provides a simple, easy to use interface to search your entire data estate in an instant.

    Data protection management

    The day to day effort to maintain GDPR, PCI DSS and other data related compliance can be inefficient and difficult to manage and control. Infoboss can automate many of the compliance processes for you.

    Business process automation

    So many processes in the modern organisation require manual scrutiny of data. These are often inefficient processes and likely to become more so with a predicted ten-fold increase in business data over the coming years. Infoboss can help streamline your business processes freeing up your precious people resources to do more.

    File classification and management

    Migrating data to the cloud? Wanting to remove redundant, obsolete and trivial data? or just wanting to better comply with the GDPR. We can help you to classify and manage your files and automate their management…

    Self-service business intelligence (BI)

    Drive more informed decision-making delivering business outcomes, such as increased efficiency, better customer satisfaction and higher revenue and profits through self-service BI…

    Information search for DSARs

    Transform your Subject Access Request (SAR) process. Use infoboss to reduce the time to find and collate information to comply with a right of access request from days to minutes!

    Data audit and assurance

    Worried about how effective your data management and protection policies and procedures are in practice? Then let infoboss do the heavy lifting for you and provide the assurance you seek by gauging the effectiveness of your processes through inspection and analysis of your data.

    What our customers say...

    A tool to automate GDPR processes, improve data quality and understand the value of my unstructured data. Very innovative stuff and well worth a look.

    Head of ICT

    I like the simplicity and transparency of the solution.

    Data Management Consultant

    We're using Infoboss to automatically monitor our new customer setup process, ensuring the information we need is all present and correct at collection.

    Digital Transformation Director

    We used the results of the data audit to inform our data minimisation activities ahead of a significant data migration project.

    Information Compliance Manager

    Infoboss has enabled us to systematically classify and discover personal and sensitive data across our entire data estate and crucially who has access to it.

    Information Compliance Manager

    Ready to start?

    Getting started couldn’t be simpler we can arrange a demonstration, an audit or a proof-of-concept to suit your requirements.


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