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Data Quality Management

“The average cost to an organisation of poor-quality data in 2018 is $15 million per annum!” – (Gartner 2018)

Up from $9.7 million dollars in 2017! It’s a trend that is unlikely to improve especially with the success of an increasing number of business initiatives such as digital transformation and data analytics being dependent on quality data.

It can be a daunting task and difficult to know where to start.


“We used Infoboss to monitor data collected as part of our new customer setup process and were able to identify procedural and training issues to improve.”

How Infoboss helps

We recognise that correcting the quality of data is not a point in time event.

Infoboss enables you to get up and running quickly and find data of interest, generate work packages and put in place long term automated processes to:

  • Identify poor quality data;
  • Alert data owners as inaccurate or incomplete data enters the data estate;
  • Validate and suggest data correction;
  • Track your data quality improvement performance indicators; and in turn
  • Build a sustainable data quality improvement culture within the business.

We support the principal of democratisation empowering those that can make a difference to data quality with the tools necessary to identify and resolve issues as they arise.