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    Automating data management

    Webinar: Automating data management for quality and compliance – the business case

    IDC forecast a ten-fold increase on business data processed compared to today. Combine this with increasing regulatory compliance and demand for quality data, then it is perhaps not a surprise to find that many are feeling somewhat over-whelmed by the enormity of the data management and governance task ahead. Don’t despair, there is a compelling business case, both in terms of efficiency gains and tangible financial savings in adopting a strategy for centralising information governance and automating the management of your data.

    This presentation explores the emerging problem domain of data and looks at the business case for use of automated data management tools to better prepare your organisation for the tsunami of data coming its way.

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    This presentation was delivered via DAMA UK Brighttalk channel in conjunction with Nicola Askham a leading authority on Data Management best practice.