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    Classifying documents

    Classifying documents (I didn’t realise you could do that!)

    One of the challenges many organisations’ currently face is classifying documents in their shared drives or cloud storage. They usually need to classify them to determine what they should do with them. Delete them because they’re worthless or beyond the retention period, move them to lower cost storage, analyse them for hidden nuggets of information, better protect them because they contain special category data and so on…

    The approach adopted by many is to share the problem internally. You know the drill, allocate someone to take responsibility for a folder full of documents and get them to sort them out (whatever that means).

    It’s not an easy problem to solve. As soon as you’ve sorted the problem, it’s often got worse again as more documents have come into the data estate that haven’t been classified and a separate point in time event is required to catch up with the classification process. One client’s experience of doing this back-fired in that rather than classifying and reducing the data estate as they’d hoped, it actually increased in size as they realised there was now a public area they could save their file clutter to!

    Solving this problem is one aspect of what we do at infoboss. We automate the process of document classification and in so doing dynamically classify documents as they enter the data estate, enabling oversight of the documents to ensure they’re managed in accordance with your data retention and protection policies, help determine whether they contain special category data or even those golden nuggets of information to provide valuable insight.

    If you’d like to classify a corpus of documents or even your entire document data estate, then we provide a service to do it for you either as a one-off or a subscription service for the on-going automation of your classification process rules.

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