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    Clean your data. Protect your business. Save livelihoods.

    Some figures suggest that businesses lose as much as 20% of their revenue due to poor data quality.

    What if your business was losing just half of that? I.e. 10%? What would you do? Ignore it because it’s an “invisible invader”? Or work with departments to identify the leak and address it? How much of your revenue would you invest to address it? 1% of turnover? 2% of turnover? Or would you invest as much as 5% of turnover to save a potential 15% loss? Data is constantly pouring into your business and some of that is going to be dirty data.

    For over a year now we have been fed figures by the ONS/Government/Scientists and Media Channels on the Corona Virus Pandemic its effect on our economy, our livelihoods, our social and recreational time, or support services and our family and friends, and in the main, I suspect we’ve done what we’ve been advised to do, based on this data.

    Have you ever questioned the veracity of the data you’re presented? Or do you take it as 100% accurate, after all, our lives are dictated by this data at the moment? Matt Hancock and the Corona Virus team always base their decisions on “the data suggests”, “judging by the data”, “based on the data” and we act accordingly, without question, right?

    Is it the same for your business, do you act upon the data presented to you without question? Would you do the same if you suspected as much as 20% was incomplete, inaccurate, dated, i.e. “dirty”?

    What if, in these times of pandemic, 20% of the information presented was of poor quality? How much do you think this would affect our behaviour in society? How much would this change the way the blue light services react and respond? How accurate would our economic forecasts be?

    Clean your data. Protect your business. Save livelihoods.