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    The cost and consequences of data munging

    Considering the cost and scarcity of a data scientist (or analyst) and given that almost 80% of the activities undertaken by data scientists is “munging data” (collecting, preparing and cleaning), we ask the question as to whether an investment in sustainable data quality improvement is perhaps a smarter move for your organisation?

    At infoboss we love to munge data! That is to say put in place sustainable data quality improvement and self-service BI data pipelines that help manage and maintain your data asset and derive value from it.

    infoboss provides a means to sustainably collect, prepare and improve the quality of your data assets. We significantly reduce the effort required of your expensive data science and analysis personnel and empower other data stakeholders to self-serve insight. To discover more on our data quality management solution or for an informal discussion of your organisation’s data challenges, please get in touch.