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    Do you have a dirty data tap?

    If you imagine data is water, pouring into your organisation. Most of it comes from good clean sources, but some of it is dirty, poor quality, potentially toxic and almost certainly non consumable. It’s this latter substance that comes out of your organisation’s dirty data tap.

    Every organisation has one, but finding it and switching it off is the foundation for business success…

    If you allow dirty data to flow into your organisation you’ll have data governance, data quality, compliance and business performance nightmares and potentially introduce a whole host of inefficiency (mess) and cost for you to sort out! If you like a cess pool of poor-quality data, stinking and rotting on your disk stores. You get the picture!

    Dirty data is a leading cause of many failed digital transformation, new system implementations, analytics and artificial intelligence initiatives. You don’t have to read many project “lessons learned” reports to see that this is a universal problem. Many organisations find ways (budgets, resources) to clean historical dirty data. Adopting one-off point in time fixes. However, unless you switch off the metaphoric dirty data tap supplying your organisation with this toxic gunk, you’ll find yourself back in the data cess pool much sooner than you’d bargained.

    How do you know if you have a dirty data tap? I’m sure you’ve heard comments like these (and many more):

    • “I thought we’d fixed our data”
    • “That [data item] shouldn’t be there!”
    • “Why is that data missing?”
    • “That’s not right!”

    Fixing historical data is necessary (and we can help you with that), but you must whilst doing so, put in place the means of ensuring that data flowing into your organisation is clean forever. I.e. You must switch off the dirty data tap once and for all. Its only by doing this that you can develop, manage and maintain your data asset and leverage the insight and value you crave from it.

    If you’d like to discover how infoboss can help you find and switch off your dirty data tap, then please get in touch.