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    Flagship Digital bring innovative data solution to the marine sector

    Flagship Digital have partnered with Infoboss an innovative and disruptive UK based software and services company. The partnership seeks to empower marine organisations to derive key insights and value from their marine data applications and other relevant sources of data.

    Ben Taylor, founder of Flagship Digital said; “Many organisations have developed digital assets or at least begun a movement to digital systems. The understanding, control, management and processing of the resulting data, we believe, will have a solid value proposition to our marine client base. The fast-moving mindset and high-level of expertise we’ve seen at Infoboss makes it an ideal affiliate that’ll be embraced in the Flagship Digital Network”.

    Mark Hobart, director at Infoboss said, “With Flagship Digital bringing expert domain knowledge, as partners we are able to apply our innovative data platform to provide a comprehensive range of data solutions to organisations in the marine-leisure and superyacht sectors. Marine businesses recognise the value their data holds but do not always have the tools or expertise to unlock that potential.”

    What is Infoboss?

    Infoboss’ software provides businesses with an enterprise strength automated data management and processing platform at a disruptive, ‘as a service’ price point.

    Based on easy to use, search-engine technology the software can be utilised to solve business data challenges like data quality improvement, digital transformation, data compliance (GDPR etc), automated data processing, data analytics/business intelligence, data management and business process automation.