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    Is your cloud data migration strategy the right one for you?

    We ran a poll recently on LinkedIn that posed the following question with three options as answers…

    Migrating data to the cloud? What approach would you recommend?

    This generated the following results…

    The majority of our followers on LinkedIn are data professionals so it was not a surprise to find the overwhelming majority recommended the approach that is perhaps the most durable or sustainable for the longer term – “classify and clean/purge first”.

    That said, There’s nothing wrong with “lift and shift”, if you need to do things quickly and the target environment has the tools to enable you to leverage insight or benefit from the migrated data and applications. Too often however, this latter step is missed and the migration becomes more the end rather than the means of a return on investment, i.e. what you are really trying to achieve is better managed data, at lower cost with more insight and value derived from it.

    “Stay on-premise was a trick answer choice? Right?”

    Wrong! IDC recently published findings that 85% of customers having migrated to the public cloud were considering repatriation to either some form of private cloud or on-premise environment. Given this, it is perhaps a surprise that this was not selected at all as for some and especially those that do not have the means or resources to follow through on a successful migration strategy, indeed, it may well be the best approach for some.

    The top reasons cited for repatriation are listed in the graphic and are not surprising, all things considered. However, the type of strategy that was followed for the migration that led to the repatriation in 56% of the cases was believe it or not – “Lift and shift”!

    The conclusion is that before migrating data or applications to the cloud, you need to understand the benefits for doing so and how they are going to be realised. As many of our peers have suggested (and especially so for unstructured data), it is imperative to classify, clean and purge your data before you start the migration or you might find that like the proverbial boomerang it comes right back and knocks you on the head.

    As the old adage goes, “if a job is worth doing, then it’s worth doing well!”. I.e. don’t migrate data that you don’t fully understand and control. Otherwise you might find that you will need to repatriate it, incur unforeseen cost and suffer the ignominy of a failed project on your CV.

    Infoboss and its partners provide the tools and expertise to help you to audit, classify and clean your data. Ensuring you get value from your data initiatives such as cloud data migration projects. If you’d like to know more, then please get in touch.