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    Pay as you go pricing

    Pay as you go pricing in the world of software is usually associated with cloud based Software as a Service solutions. However, when you’re dealing with data management and processing, some customers prefer the software to be installed “behind the firewall” either on-premise or private cloud, but would still like the option to try out the software for themselves, to assess value and perhaps build the business case for wider use, Or they may just want to use it for a defined project and then stop.

    Typically data software products require significant capital investment or rental with a long term contractual commitment required. Consequently a significant business case needs to be established before committing and this can take time. In these situations, it is difficult to make the value judgement for a particular product and can mean the death knell of your data project before it really starts.

    Infoboss helps by offering new clients a monthly rental model so you can decide what use-case you’d like to evaluate:

    • data quality management;
    • data protection;
    • servicing DSARs;
    • document discovery;
    • self-service BI;
    • process automation; or just simply
    • data discovery across unstructured data assets ahead of a cloud migration.

    In short, whatever you’re trying to do with data, then infoboss can probably help and our pricing model can help you understand the value we bring before you need to make a long term commitment.