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    Using text analytics for customer insight

    Understanding customer experience (CX) is vital to organisations.Yet so much insight available to an organisation in the form of text that is not analysed, but could provide a whole new set of insights.


    • Comments in surveys
    • Feedback and reviews on public web sites
    • Social media
    • Transcipts of call centre conversations
    • and more…

    Infoboss empowers you to derive insight from this ‘dark data’ using a varierty of advanced text analysis techniques. This short video covers just a small sample of these techniques for unstructured data mining available within infoboss.  We illustrate how a collection of reviews about wine can be leveraged to understand some of the factors that will help increase review scores associated with your product by attributing a gender to the reviewer by assimilating the reviewer’s name with a gender. We also apply a “wine taxonomy” to the review text helping us to identify topics such as taste, price, packaging etc.. and their impact on review scores.

    If you would like to explore how infoboss can be used to enhance your CX monitoring then please get in touch for a demonstration or proof of concept on a sample of your own data.