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    We cleanse our data every 12-months – LOL!

    I’m sure you know why the boy is laughing so hard. If not, you might want to read on…

    “Customer  data  typically  degenerates  at  2  per  cent  per  month  or  25  per  cent annually” (1)

    So it’s perhaps no surprise that

    “Less  than  50  per  cent  of  companies  claim  to  be  very  confident  in  the  quality of their data” (1)

    So when the boy read in the data strategy report that the recommended approach the organisation was to follow to improve the quality of their data would be an annual data cleanse, you can understand his reaction, amusement, dis-belief and ultimately his pain.

    Yes you need to cleanse your data, but you also need to make fundamental changes to the way your organisation manages your data asset. Switch off the poor-quality data tap once and for all!

    If you’d like to discover more about how infoboss can help,  then get in touch for an informal discussion and demonstration.


    (1) The “costs of poor quality data” (Anders Haug, Frederik Zachariassen, Dennis van Liempd)