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    A golden opportunity that businesses continue to ignore at their peril!

    Every business is either sitting on a gold mine of untapped knowledge and insight or a ticking time bomb, primed and ready to destroy their business strategy and reputation. The resource I’m referring to is of course unstructured data. Documents, emails, images, collaboration tools, voice and video recordings, social media, text and comment fields in applications, unstructured data is quite literally scattered everywhere across your organisation’s data estate.

    IDC predicted that by 2025, there will be not only a ten-fold growth in data but 80% of that data will be of the unstructured variety. Notorious in that it’s the most difficult to access, manage and control, unstructured data as one business consultant recently described it is, “the mother of all headaches”.

    Ponemon Institute in their paper “Understanding the value of information assets” further endorsed this view, highlighting that 79% of research respondents claimed it would take 6 months or more to discover all data assets and over half confirming that their current data estate contained more than 50% of unstructured data. Worryingly, 69% stated that they are not fully prepared for a data breach event and with over 50% of data breaches arising from insider threat, it is a topic that you ignore at your peril!

    I’ve heard people say that “Data is the new oil”, the Economist described it as, “The world’s most precious resource”. Whether you agree or not with these sentiments, there is no doubting the increasing importance businesses are placing on their data. It is the raw material that business decisions are made upon to deliver a competitive advantage or enhance the product and service offerings of the future and if more than half of this is untamed, unstructured data, then there surely is a golden opportunity to leverage this resource for the betterment of your business?

    How can Infoboss help?

    Unstructured data is information that either does not have a predefined data model or is not organised in a predefined manner. Unstructured information is typically text heavy but may contain identifiable data such as dates, numbers, references and other recognisable patterns. The irregularities and ambiguities of this type of data make it difficult to understand using traditional programs as compared to data stored in structured fields within databases.

    Infoboss collects data from any electronic data source and stores it in an indexed (searchable format) in an Enterprise Data Store based on Elastic technology (the same tech used by the likes of NASA, Netflix, Uber and Amazon.

    As the data is ingested, Infoboss uses a variety of search-based rules, regular expressions and algorithms to automate the classification of your data. It can derive data from unstructured sources and enhance the understanding of this data by adding classification and descriptive (meta data) to the attributes of the record. Then, using an intuitive search-based interface, the software empowers staff to run the rule over data under their control and begin to mine and understand it to yield the much-valued golden nuggets of insight held therein.

    In addition to classification and discovery, the software can help with other data related initiatives such as data quality improvement or regulatory compliance initiatives.

    If you’d like to find gold in your unstructured data assets and in so doing mitigate quality and compliance risks associated with it using Infoboss, then please get in touch