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    Look outside the box

    Analysis outside the box

    The great explorers such as Marco Polo, Vasco da Gama, Alexander the Great, Christopher Columbus and Dora the Explorer all stretched the boundaries and went beyond the norm.

    These people found things out. Discovered new places, new things, new tastes, and smells and went where others feared to tread.

    Exploration and discovery, the ability to find stuff out, helps us to progress, to innovate, to educate and improve.

    In the world of data, curation and business intelligence (BI) (the world we operate in), the idea behind it all is to discover things and find stuff out, to innovate and really help the business. The reality sadly, is somewhat different…

    Old School BI relies on a team of people to find stuff out and present what they’ve found as a set of structures such as a data warehouse, FACT tables, cubes, universes, dashboards and reports.

    The people that then “really” want to find stuff out (the business users) can then find out what the people that defined (and dare I say restricted) what you can see have already discovered.

    Data discovery? No way! Its more like data dictation and insight starvation. The diet of Truman Burbank from “The Truman Show”.

    So old school BI is about finding out stuff that someone (typically the IT department or your system supplier) already knows…
    Is this what you want for your business?

    At infoboss, we want business users to look at the factors influencing the success, growth and limitations of the organisation not just the IT department.

    Google and search provide users of any level of ability to find stuff out.

    The only restriction to search is what the user wishes to search for and their ability to interpret results and make sense of their search results.

    We use search technology at the heart of our infoboss data solution. It isn’t SQL or OLAP, it’s Search.
    If you want to explore and discover your data, find stuff out, then use infoboss. If you want to find stuff that’s already known use a data visualisation tool.

    Don’t be Truman Barbank, be Columbus, Armstrong, Alexander the Great or Dora the explorer… Go on a journey of data exploration and discovery. Outside the box of conventional wisdom. You will enjoy the experience and you will find stuff out…


    Infoboss adds structure to unstructured data, enhances your structured data and provides a quality, compliance and democratisation capability for your information assets. It empowers your business users through an easy to use point and click, search-based interface to explore and discover new insights in your data. To discover more or arrange for a personalised demonstration, please get in touch.

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