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    Data discovery with word clouds

    Sometimes its hard to convey a message when there are so many concepts to explain. Word clouds are a good way of conveying a complex message. For example, the word cloud image associated with this blog illustrates the use cases, concepts and discussions we tend to have with our clients. As you can see, a broad range of data related concepts all targeted at deriving value from your data assets. However, some may be interested in compliance when others are interested in self-serve analytics or data quality. A visual like this helps you to quickly “get a sense” as towhat is going on.

    Data custodians have similar challenges when looking at data. If you have a database with thousands or even millions of rows in it, you sometimes want a quick visual to assess what you’re dealing with.

    For example, what collection of Titles have we associated with our customers…

    Seeking to establish that we have applied some level of consistency, are there outliers, rogue values etc…

    Or what names have been used for our female customers…

    You can quickly see that the data custodians have allowed initials, one name, two names and potential nicknames (“Abby”, “Ali”) to drift into our formal first name field.

    You have similar challenges when looking at large numbers of files in a shared or cloud document store like O365 SharePoint. You might be interested in what types of files are present … Imagine getting a visual like this across your entire document store of millions of files?

    This simple visual aid tells a story and enables you to apply focus to your minimisation and management activities. Immediately from a compliance perspective I’d be nervous at seeing ZIP and CSV files. I can even see an Access Database or two here.

    BTW: you can click on any of these words and drill through to the underlying data.

    If you’d like to visualise and discover your data, then please get in touch, we love your data and we want you to love it to.