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    Hiding in the data woods

    Do you know what’s lurking in your unstructured data woods? It’s unlikely to be a nice friendly Christmas Elf like this!

    Over retained data, files that contain data that you should be protecting: payment cards, bank account details and other PII/sensitive data. Perhaps its CSV, ZIP or PST files, the single use plastics of the data world. Research by IBM and Ponemon put the cost per record of a data breach at £99 can you ignore this risk?

    IDC have suggested that over 60% of data has no value. Imagine if you could know which of your files contains valuable data, how much money could you save? Especially as data is doubling for most data estates every 2-3 years.

    Infoboss can help you analyse your unstructured data assets and develop a strategy for gaining insight and putting controls in place to effectively manage them. Please get in touch to discover more.