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    Integration and technology – our answer is yes!

    Infoboss empowers your organisation to automate the management and processing of its data. Whether you’re trying to improve data quality, data protection, compliance processes (like DSARs, retention, discovery), Contract management, process automation or business intelligence, we’re here to help. We consume structured data, meta data and unstructured data (text adding structure to it) to enable its management and processing.

    We are often asked as to what systems, applications and technologies we have integrated infoboss with. Well, the image above illustrates all that we have done in the past 18 months for our clients.

    We’re often asked to integrate with other systems and as a general rule, if there’s an API, JDBC database driver or you can get the data out of the source system using CSV or JSON then our answer is YES it can be done!

    If you’d like to discover more about how infoboss can support you on your data journey, then please get in touch.