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    JICTS by River Publishers

    The business case for automating data management

    By Mark Hobart, Infoboss

    From the “Journal of ICT Standardisation” by River Publishers

    Below is an extract from the paper…

    Imagine an automated data management system that will support you in your role as a data manager or data governance professional, enabling you and your data stewards’ to:

    • Be proactively alerted in real-time of data quality issues through the constant monitoring of incoming or changed data to ensure it satisfies compliance and quality requirements;
    • Access data that has been automatically classified and organised for you;
    • Easily search, explore, analyse, manage and report on data quality;
    • Flexibly adapt data management processes to suit your organisation; and
    • Have the peace of mind that there is no dependence on people to do these checks, which are completed every day of the year without complaint regardless of how mundane they are

    This is what is meant by automating data management. A system that you can train and adapt to your ways of working and that helps re-balance the people, process and technology equation to ensure successful data management and governance outcomes for the business.

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