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    What is data democratisation?

    and why it’s so important…

    Data democratisation is the ability for information in a digital format to be accessible to the average or indeed any member of staff/end user. The goal of data democratisation is to allow non-specialists to be able to gather and analyse data without requiring outside help.

    Data, and universal access to it, is recognised as the key to transforming companies, creating new opportunities, and unlocking the value embedded within organisations — all of which can positively impact a company’s top and bottom line. It is considered by many to be the key to transforming the culture of a business to become more data-centric i.e. a business that makes data-driven (better informed) decisions.

    But companies haven’t progressed as planned and there is always room for improvement. According to a recent Gartner data and analytics study, about 87% of organisations have low business intelligence and analytics maturity. This means whether intentional or not, that most business leaders are supporting individual business units that are pursuing their own data and analytics initiatives as stand-alone projects.

    There are many barriers to achieving data democratisation.
    • Data silos: business units that have sole access to and means of exploiting data are a barrier to innovation and success
    • Fear: how do you maintain integrity, security and the language of data?
    • Analysis tools: too many silo based tools, requiring a broad range of data skills to use are not intuitive nor conducive too success

    What’s required for democratisation to reach its full potential is a more coordinated and holistic approach that delivers enterprise-wide intelligence that drives service improvement, revenue growth and delivers better outcomes for your customers. Data democratisation will be a game-changer for organisations that implement it properly with the right training and tools to allow their employees to quickly and easily extract powerful business meaning from their data.

    How infoboss helps…

    Infoboss enables you to put in place a means of collecting and curating data into a single search-based data repository that empowers any user through a simple search, point and click interface any user to derive insights from data they’re granted access to. You can also, if you prefer, access the data through your favourite visualisation tools or feed automation (RPA), machine learning and artificial intelligence initiatives with curated, quality and compliant data.

    Data can come from any source structured application databases, CSV files or unstructured sources like email systems, document stores (cloud or on-premise) or even social media and marketing reviews and so on. Data can be automatically processed and enhanced by augmenting and expanding meta-data to transform your raw data into a valuable data asset.

    Furthermore, you can trust the data you process through infoboss as it can also be used to support your data quality improvement and data compliance efforts, helping you operationalise the management and enforce ownership of your data.

    If you would like to convert your organisation’s data into a valuable business asset, innovate and improve business outcomes, then infoboss and our partners are here to help. You’ll be pleasantly surprised just how quickly you’ll start to see the results and get a return on investment… and with our pay as you go contract, you can evaluate as you go without significant capital outlay. What is there not to like? The water’s warm, come on in…