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    Santa: Automated data management and processing case study

    Have you ever taken time to reflect on just how good Santa and his team of elves are at data management and processing? He must surely be the benchmark we all aspire to.
    Let’s consider the enormity of his task and how he does it…

    Data quality

    Just think of the data quality challenges he faces. Put simply, he cannot get it wrong! In the past he relied on elves to do the data quality work, but they are creative souls and not best suited to detail nor remembering to follow every business data quality rule. For example, every name, address, customer order must be present and correct. You’ve heard the old song, “He’s making a list, checking it twice, working out who’s naughty and nice”, well that’s what ibQUALITY is doing for him, 24×7!

    GDPR compliance and DSARs

    His GDPR compliance is exemplary! He holds huge amounts of personal and sensitive data, yet manages retention, minimisation, consent without fail and never has a reportable data breach. That’s because his compliance elves have automated many of their compliance tasks with ibCOMPLIANCE. In case you’re wondering, he gets DSARs like the rest of us, but with ibSEARCH and ibZIP he never has problems finding and collating the information needed to respond.

    Unstructured data processing

    He gets huge volumes of customer correspondence every year, detailing orders from almost every child on the planet (and some adults to)! This peaks in late November/early December, with a volume the likes of which would make any normal post room go into a crisis. He realised that throwing elves (not literally he tells me) at the problem of processing this volume was not efficient, so he uses ibAUTOMATE to process the inbound correspondence from letters and emails to derive product, customer and quantity details from the unstructured data stream to feed systems that manage stock, production, parcelling and distribution as seamlessly as possible. It even picks out non-order communications like thank you letters and goodwill messages, he has these pushed straight to his exec suite so him and Mrs Claus get to see them first. In case you’re wondering he never gets complaints, but he has a rule that checks for them, just in case…

    Insight – business intelligence

    Everyone knows that Santa uses Microsoft Power BI for his dashboards. He has a team of elves working on his MI constantly building dashboards for all departmental teams. They utilise the OData interface within infoboss to simply plug in and play, saving them a huge amount of time and enabling the dashboards to load and run quickly. The ability to quickly tailor the data to be presented using ibINSIGHT and self-serve insights for his non Power BI elves means that he has successfully democratised access to data within his team.


    His business like many is all about delighting customers. He has added pressure in that he cannot fail in his mission to deliver to tight timescales and he needs almost everything to be automated. He decided a long time ago that the path to success was to put in place the most advanced, state of the art data management and processing capability to underpin his business strategy. He realised that he simply would not be able to deliver his mission, vision, nor execute his strategy without it. He started working with infoboss by conducting a data quality and compliance audit using ibAUDIT.

    If you would like to have data management and processing as good as Santa, then infoboss’ range of solutions can help you every step of the way. Merry Christmas!